Gymnastics club Oefening Geeft Kracht Duffel Belgium (OGK) strives for more than 10 years for their own gymnastics hall. Duffel has too little budget. Therefor OGK has made a financial offer to Duffel to be able to realize together a hall in 2017.

To be able to put equipment in the hall, OGK has started different actions, one being the OGK challenge. Help us and join the challenge!

1. accept the challenge

You've been nominated by a friend for the OGK challenge?

Super! Accept the challenge and help us by doing gymnastics.

2. do a trick and film

Do a gymnastics trick, it doesn't have to be the same as the one of your friend.

Difficult or easy, it doesn't matter. As long as you are enjoying yourself and doing it safe.

Make sure to film everything to later on share it with your friends.

3. nominate at least 3 friends

Find 3 friends that you would like to challenge for a gymnastics trick.

Post your video on Facebook or other social media and tag your friends.

Mention at least this text: "I challenge x, x and x for the ‪#‎ogkchallenge‬. Do a gymnastics trick and challenge 3 other friends. For each accepted challenge you pay €1 or $1 to gymnastics club OGK to buy equipment for a gymnastics hall."

4. donate €1 or $1 per challlenge

Deposit €1 or $1 per accepted challenge to the account of OGK: BE97 6528 2084 9549 (BIC: HBKABE22).

This way we can buy new equipment the hopefully put soon in our new gymnastics hall.

Also support our crowdfunding project.